Mechanical Nomad helping people in the gift comunity


Trade / Gift

What is it that is ment by this you might ask?
As i want to help, unfortuatly i cannot (jet) sustain my living without money,
There are ways to help me in return, and ofcourse this is of choice. Do you think I deserve to be
given something. To a certain point, when i help somebody that awnser could likely be yes, how ever
it should never be demanded.

so what do i ask in favor of offering my help to you?
your trust and respect that if i offer you my help, When i allow you to receive my time and effort.
I will ask food and shelter when i am helping someone, My time and skill is off great vallue.
Therefore i will ask you help me with my path i choosen.
This way i can sustain my life and help you and others even more while doing the things i love,
for the people i care about.



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